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Man dies in 3-car crash at dangerous Murfreesboro intersection

MURFRESSBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) - A day before Christmas and a Murfreesboro man lost his life in a fatal automobile crash.  

The three-vehicle snarled traffic for hours.  Memorial Blvd between MTCS Drive and Northfield Blvd had to be shut down for hours while officers investigated the fatal crash.  

It was a horrific crash, and Ellis Dodson saw it all.  

“[I] heard the noise and I looked over and the car shot up in the air and got hit by another,” Dodson said.   

The three-vehicle pileup happened around 9:00 a.m. Monday morning.  

“The black car was coming down the middle lane at a very fast rate and that white Escalade was pulling out of this bank and when they hit the black car spun around and that bypassing silver car just hit,” Dodson said.  

A mother and her two small children were in the silver Lexus SUV, they were not hurt. Police said the mom and her kids were properly restrained. 

The driver of the white SUV was taken to the hospital. Sadly, the driver of the black 2013 Toyota Corolla, identified as 46-year-old Damion Paul Hart, didn’t make it. Police say he was not properly restrained. 

A family member of Hart is mourning the loss of their loved one a day before Christmas.  

“I just prayed hoping God will save him but apparently he died on the way to the hospital,” Dodson said.  “So, nothing really, it’s just I feel sad for the family.”  

Bailee Fox works at a fast-food restaurant near the intersection of Memorial Blvd and MTCS Drive.   She said it’s one of the most dangerous intersections that she passes on her way to work.  

“It’s pretty dangerous coming, trying to get across the intersection, you have to wait forever and then people don’t want to slow down, and so, it’s real risky,” Fox said.  

Honking horns, screeching tires, she’s heard it all.   Monday’s crash proved the intersection is not only dangerous, it’s deadly.  

Fox feels the best solution to prevent something like this in the future is a traffic signal.  

“I think there should be a red light right there to save some stuff like what has happened today.  Tomorrow is Christmas and yet someone has lost their life today,” Fox said.  “So, I just think I’ll be better with a red light right there.”  

The fatal crash is still under investigation by the Murfreesboro Police Fatal Accident Crash Team or FACT.

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