Man diagnosed with cancer rides the entire Natchez Trace

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Scott Williams, a Mississippi native, was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive kind of brain cancer.   

“Because of where it is in the brain and how aggressively it travels, I could be doing fine until I’m not. But we’re just celebrating that I’m doing well and while I’m doing well, I want to be able to use my health to help others with glioblastoma,” Williams said.

Growing up by the Natchez Trace Parkway, he and his dad have special memories of fishing along it and he always wanted to see the whole road. He decided to ride his bicycle the entire parkway, which is 444 miles long, all while raising money for Glioblastoma. He also wanted to make it personal. 

He said, “I want to ride for people, not just for a cause. Can I ride a mile post for you or for someone that you lost to Glioblastoma or for a caregiver? And the response was just so humbling and incredible. I ended up with almost 300 people that I was riding for.” 

Scott Williams had read Scott Hamilton’s book “The Great Eight” and was inspired prompting him to reach out to his organization Scott Hamilton Cares Foundation, which raises money for cancer research. 

The two connected and Scott Hamilton even came along for a portion of the ride. Williams ended up raising more than $29,000 for the Scott Hamilton Cares Foundation, and he had so much fun he plans on doing it again next year! 

You can still donate to the cause by clicking here.

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