PORTLAND, Tenn. (WKRN) — A man accused of hiding a camera inside a Portland restaurant bathroom is now behind bars after a months-long investigation.

Restaurant employees first discovered the hidden camera under a restroom sink on July 14.

Police said the camera was motion-activated, but the only image on the camera was that of a man, who turned out to be the suspect.

“Luckily, at the time, the camera in question did not have any remote capabilities and there were no images that were captured on the camera, with the exception of a couple pictures of the suspect that he had accidentally taken of himself,” said Portland Police Chief Jason Williams.

Armed with this image, police asked the public to identify the man. Nearly four months later, there was finally a break in the case.

On Friday, Nov. 4, authorities said 42-year-old Genaro Dominguez came back to the Portland restaurant where the camera was found, accompanied by his wife and parents.

Restaurant staff immediately recognized the man and called the police.

“A detective interviews the suspect in question and he admits to planting the camera in the bathroom with the intention of capturing photographs or video of underage girls,” Williams said.

Genaro Dominguez (Source: Sumner County Sheriff’s Office)

Police told News 2 that Dominguez lives in Macon County and is a truck driver.

Authorities also said Dominguez admitted to putting cameras in other restrooms, adding that the dates and locations of those incidents are now under investigation.

“He did admit that in the past he had placed some cameras in other bathrooms with the same intention, and had actually captured some photos or video,” Williams explained. “Where those places were at, we’re not sure at this point.”

Dominguez is being held in the Sumner County Jail on a $75,000 bond after being charged with attempted aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor. He is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 14.