BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (WKRN) — Two Brentwood hair stylists refuse to go back to work until their company provides extra safety measures.

They work at the Great Clips at Nippers Corner. Thursday morning, a mother and daughter came to get the mother’s hair done.

According to the hair stylists, both ladies felt one of the stylists disrespected the mother. The manager took over her service and offered it free, but the woman declined. After the manager finished the service, they both left Great Clips upset.

Six hours later, a man came in cursing and threatening both stylists over the treatment of the mother.

“That response was unwarranted and she was not disrespected,” Stylist Cary Reynolds says. “He was very threatening and said he would hurt us.”

On the front door of Great Clips, is a sign that says closed due to staffing. This is in response to the incident that happened Thursday.

A police report was filed, and the stylists told News 2 that a Metro detective will investigate this incident.

In the current climate of mass shootings and violence, both stylists fear that this man might try to kill them. They are planning to have a restraining issue against him.

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As of Friday, they are asking their store owner to have an armed security guard at the location. If they don’t see any changes in safety, they will consider looking for another place of employment.