CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Another road rage incident on a Tennessee roadway led to a Missouri man landing in the Cheatham County Jail for allegedly waving a gun at a truck driver.

Law enforcement got the call on March 15 of a man waving a gun at a truck driver. When authorities arrived, they found an 18-wheeler stopped in the middle of I-24.

A Cheatham County bodycam showed what happens next as a deputy approached the big rig and talked to the Texas truck driver.

Deputy: “Who’s waving a gun at you? The guy with the red shoes in the driver’s seat?

Based on allegations of a gun being displayed, the deputy approached a man later identified as Kenneth W. Hergins from Grandview, Missouri.

Deputy: Where’s the firearm at? Where’s the gun at?

Authorities secured Hergins, who was 24 years old at the time.

Deputy: “Turn around, I’m going to pat you down. Is there a gun in the vehicle? There’s not? okay. I’m going to detain you. You are not under arrest, okay?”

After getting consent to search the car, the deputy found a Glock 30 in the glove box with a loaded magazine.

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP), the passengers in the car claimed the truck struck the car, and the occupants in the car were attempting to get the truck to pull over.

Hergins: “Tried to signal him. I got in front of him, put my hazards on, blew the horn then used my hands and said, ‘hey hey hey, stop.'”

THP trooper: “Like to flag him over to the shoulder?

Hergins: “Yeah.”

The Houston, Texas, truck driver claimed he saw a gun displayed.

Trucker: “I don’t know what happened, why they wanted me to pull over, and then eventually, they are waving a gun at me.”

The trucker told troopers he had the incident on his truck’s dash cam.

Hergins initially denied he waved a gun.

Hergins: “I had my phone in my hand.”

THP trooper: “You had your phone in your hand?”

Hergins: “When I was standing in front of his truck, like I said, his dashcam will show there’s nothing in my hand.”

THP trooper: “There’s nothing in your hand?”

But after being confronted with the dash cam, he admitted the truth.

THP trooper: “I was able to see the video and you clearly had a pistol outside the vehicle. Now, you didn’t come up to the truck with it, but you did have it outside the vehicle waving it at him, is that correct?

Hergins could be seen on camera nodding his head affirmatively.

THP trooper: “So at this point, you are under arrest for aggravated assault.

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In the end, the court reduced the suspect’s charge to a simple assault.

Hergins got time served in jail and was released on unsupervised probation. He also had to forfeit his gun.