Mailboxes vandalized in Wilson County

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WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Todd Bright found his mailbox knocked over and in a ditch.

“You see it looks like a baseball bat’s hit it,” Bright said. “It’s aggravating. It really is aggravating.”

He lives on Flatwoods Road where he and his neighbors say their mailboxes were knocked down, smashed in, and vandalized.

“This was intentional because they got 20 or 30 of them down the street,” Bright said.

A few houses down Tracy Goodman’s mailbox was hit too.

“This whole thing was bent over,” Goodman said showing the damage. The door was ripped off, and the side was smashed in.

“That’s hard-earned money gone down the drain just for somebody having a joyride,” he said.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office is looking into at least eight reports of vandalism in the last few weeks.

But, neighbors say there’s much more.

“You’re probably looking at thousands of dollars of mailboxes by the time you add all that up,” Goodman said.

Neighbors say not only did they lose money but some like Bright didn’t get mail for days.

Bright says he has a strong message to whoever did the damage.

“Please stop,” he said. “Go find you a park to go play in.”

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