MADISON, Tenn. (WKRN) – More than 300 seniors in an assisted living facility were left without power for days after mother nature took her toll early Saturday morning.

“I got the news bulletin on my phone about 3:22 a.m. about the storm coming,” said Barbara Davis, who lives in Chippington Towers II. “About two minutes later, it hit the building and it was shaking the building. Then two minutes after that, the lights went out.”

Chippington Towers is a senior assisted living facility in Madison. Davis described the scary moments when severe weather moved their way.

“For you to be sleep, and then you wake up all of a sudden and the storm is on you. You don’t know whether to run or hide or whatever,” said Davis.

Three hundred and 50 seniors had no electricity for three days, meaning no way to keep warm or cook their own meals.

“People were very upset because they have never experienced this before,” said Davis. “But the thing about it…prayer is your number one weapon against everything in life.”

Those prayers were soon answered. The Metro Social Services Nutrition program stepped in and provided meals.

“We fed a total of 350 people and the reason we fed so many is because we have 35 clients in one tower and 12 in the other, but the need for everyone was there. So we felt that it was appropriate to feed everyone,” said Greg Perry, program manager for nutrition for Metro Social Services.

Perry says the meals were a saving grace for the residents of Chippington Towers.

“Not everybody has a support system like you and I may have,” Perry explained. “So we supplied a five-pack shelf stable meal which will get them through any shortfalls in food they may have.”

Power at Chippington Towers has since been restored.