Madison neighbors call on Metro Government to clean up problem property

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On Maple Road in Madison, Charles K. Brown has had trouble with his neighbor. 

Next door to the home is a vacant lot with a culvert, which was completely trashed over Memorial Day weekend. 

“I haven’t seen anything this bad this is the worst I’ve seen,” Brown noted. “I have seen people carrying garbage bags into the tunnel.”

“We’ve got an abundance now, and it seems to be growing,” added friend, Joe Willis. “We’re crying out for help.”

The neighbor, though, is Metro. The property is one of 400-plus managed by Metro Water Services. It’s also frequently checked by Metro Police. 

“Metro Police department has been wonderful with helping us to keep people moving along that aren’t supposed to be here,” Willis said.

According to city officials, the culvert is frequented by the homeless. 

Those most concerned though say this is not the issue. 

“We are compassionate about it,” said Willis. “But at the same time, there needs to be something to help us keep the community clean.”

Metro water had scheduled a crew to clean the property on Wednesday. 

 That was before Lynn Nolan, with Recovery Community organized a quick cleanup Tuesday. 

“I believe in finding a solution,” she said. “Got with some of my friends last night, and said let’s go clean it up.”

Metro Water responded to News 2 on Tuesday, which included this statement:

We have over 400 properties that we work with Metro Parks to mow every other week. While we do not visit the properties every week, we respond as quickly as possible, taking appropriate action, when made aware of community concerns such as dumping, illegal parking, etc.

Neighbors are hoping to find a long term solution, for a problem that seems to be growing. 

“I’m counting on Metro services to come out here, and do what they said they would do when they bought the properties,” said Brown. “They said they would keep it up.”

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