With temperatures in the 90’s and the heat index hovering around 100, Metro Animal Care and Control warn all pet owners to remember their pets who are left outside.  

This warning comes after a young dog was found dead, chained inside a cage behind a south Nashville home. 

Wednesday morning, News 2 was with Metro Animal Care and Control as investigators attempted yet again to cite a 41-year-old dog owner with animal abuse.  

Cory Wells with MACC said a necropsy is pending on the dead dog. 

“It’s highly suspected that it is heat stroke,” said Wells.  

This sad story began this past Monday after investigators were called to a south Nashville home.  

It’s there, in the evening hours, that investigators found a 10-month-old rottweiler dead. 

Wells said the temperature that day reached a high of 94. 

Investigators said the dog, named Hustle, had been chained inside a cage with no shade or water all Labor Day long.  

Investigators said they had previous contact with the owner about this dog.  

“That is correct. In May, an officer responded to a call about a dog chained up outside. We educated her on proper tethering, proper shelter, water, gave her resources, yet we are here today with the same outcome, unfortunately,” said Wells.  

Since Monday, Metro animal control has unsuccessfully tried to contact the dog’s owner, who will be charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. 

“It’s frustrating and upsetting and very preventable, had she taken the resources and education provided previously this would not be the outcome today.” 

So, if the owner doesn’t respond in a timely manner, a warrant for arrest will be issued.  

A look into the dog owner’s history reveals a major rap sheet that dates back to 1996 and includes recent charges of reckless endangerment with a weapon and felon in possession of a handgun. 

Late Wednesday, the owner reportedly contacted MACC. She indicated she is on the road driving a truck and will contact them when she gets back into town. 

For more information on the rules governing dog ownership in Metro, especially dogs who stay outside, click here.