Lost U.S. Army ring found in Old Hickory

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It’s a mystery in Old Hickory that has gone viral.

A lost U.S. Army ring found by a tree has a community searching for its rightful owner.

Every time before Vlady Seidl cuts the grass at Outreach Ministries, he has a routine.

“Just pick up all the trash around,” said Seidl.

But about a month and a half ago, something caught his eye.

“Buried just a tad, just the edge will spark at me like in the middle of the moonlight,” said Seidl.

Next to a giant tree, a shining piece of metal Seidl first thought was a coin.

He dug it up to discover it was so much more.

“After washing it off, we found out this gentleman was in the Armed Forces about 2004, 2005,” said Seidl.

Engraved in the ring — the name Sean Miles of the U.S. Army.

Next to the name, the date 7-16-1979, meaning Miles would’ve recently celebrated his 40th birthday.

The ring also indicates Miles served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“Those are memories engraved inside the stones, inside of that metal and these men and women – they deserve to have it back as a constant reminder every day that they put their lives on the edge,” said Seidl.

Seidl’s family called on the community to help them find Miles.

Their post on social media has now been shared more than 1,000 times and counting.

“I get excited that the person which fought for the right reasons is out there and we’re on the way to reunify this ring with his finger,” said Seidl.

Until then, Seidl said he thanks Miles for his service — his gratitude guarding the ring in not one, but two boxes, hidden on the property.

“Might be lost in somebody’s pocket, but not mine,” said Seidl. “I’m giving it to you back.”

If Miles has passed, Seidl said he’d like to give the ring to his family.

So far, no leads.

If you have any information on who the ring may belong to, email long@wkrn.com.

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