NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Local home buyers say it’s been a frustrating time to put offers in for a house in Davidson County, as out of town cash kills the competition.

Realtor Kelli Wagner says the housing market in Nashville has been booming, which makes for multiple-offer competition.

But out of town home buyers tend to bring cash bids to the table.

“Someone that sells their home in California or New York or Maryland, they have a lot more cash when they come here. The cost of living is very different, the prices are very different,” Wagner said. “So they have cash, and cash is king, it’s hard to beat cash.”

Homeowner Lidia Kounlavong says she put offers on three different homes before finding her property in Antioch.

“It was very frustrating, we were looking every single day after work. And then we’d fall in love with a house and put an offer on it, and they would beat us and we’d just have to keep looking,” Kounlavong said.

Kounlavong said a lot of those cash offers were also well above asking price, which puts a lot of local buyers out of range.

“There’s not a lot of people that actually have 300-thousand dollars that they can just fork out for a home,” Kounlavong said.

Wagner recommends having at least $13,000-$15,000 in savings for a down payment and closing costs to be prepared.

But she warns it could take two to three months to find a forever home in Davidson County.

Luckily, until the end of the year, Wagner says it is a prime time to buy a home because there is less competition around the holiday season.