SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Shelbyville family said it’s a miracle their dog is alive after a police officer shot him multiple times.

The sound of gunfire and the emotional aftermath was all caught on surveillance video at the family’s home.

“He literally barked, and he was gunned down,” Chelsey Crawford recalled.

In only a matter of seconds, what started as a night of celebration took a horrific turn. The family dog, 3-year-old Chapo, was shot four times, according to Crawford.

“He took every bullet that that officer let out. He has every bullet inside of him still,” she said.

Crawford told News 2 it’s a miracle that Chapo survived: “Especially a gunshot to the head, and he’s here. My baby is a fighter.”

However, Crawford said her family is traumatized. Now, with her four-legged baby by her side, the Shelbyville woman has a list of questions regarding why this happened. 

“I am livid,” she said. “I am beyond livid.”

The Shelbyville Police Department told News 2 that officers were responding to a complaint about kids knocking on doors and ringing doorbells. When they showed up at Crawford’s home just before 4 a.m. on Sunday, June 25, authorities said Chapo aggressively lunged at them.

Crawford has denied that claim, adding, “If he really lunged at you, I’m sure your partner, as your partner is supposed to have your back, she would have shot him too, but she never did. It was just a bark.”

Surveillance footage captured audio from the moment Chapo came out the door to when the shots were fired less than 10 seconds later. In the video, you can hear Crawford greet police and then warn of Chapo’s presence.

“He says, ‘Chapo come here,’ and that’s when I say, ‘Hey, hold on just a second, you know, like, my dog,’ and then that’s when it happened, that’s when he started shooting,” Crawford recalled.

The Shelbyville woman described it as a terrifying sight, with her children and friends just feet from the gunfire.

“To shoot like that, in front of civilians, you’re putting your own life in danger, our lives in danger, my children’s lives in danger, because of what? A bark?” Crawford questioned, describing the officer’s actions as reckless.

Chapo has been the family dog since he was a pup. According to Crawford, he is trained to bark when strangers enter their property.

“He’s so loving, he’s so sweet, he would not hurt anybody,” she said.

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Crawford said that police still haven’t reached out with an explanation of why they came to her home, an apology for the shooting, or an offer to help cover Chapo’s vet bills.

“We just want answers, and obviously justice for Chapo, as well,” Crawford stated.

The Shelbyville Police Department’s deputy chief told News 2 authorities have reviewed body camera footage of the incident, calling it an unfortunate situation. However, Crawford still wants to see that video, which News 2 has requested.

Meanwhile, the Crawford family said Chapo’s vet bills have already surpassed $7,000, and that’s before any recommended surgeries. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help with the medical costs.