DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) — Since the deadly mass shooting at The Covenant School nearly a month ago, dozens of schools have been discussing strengthening security.

“Watching that lady beat the windows out to enter through the door. It was terrifying watching that and to know what those children and staff went through,” said Kim Flowers, administrator for United Christian Academy.

United Christian Academy in Dickson, along with the nation, watched the surveillance footage from The Covenant School in horror as an armed intruder shot through the glass doors and entered the building, killing six people.

“We decided then, shortly after, I mean just within days, that we needed to. We heard about the 3M Ultra Film, and we decided right then that was something we should do because our foyer is so open and stuff, as far as the glass doors and glass windows. So, we felt it was much needed,” Flowers said.

That’s when the private school started the process of getting the safety and security film, which is manufactured by 3M, and recently had it installed by Dickson Graphics.

“This is not a bulletproof resistant film in the sense that it will stop bullets and keep them from hitting you. It is bullet resistant in regards to that it will hold together and keep somebody from gaining access. Anytime that you can slow down the entrance to a building or whatever the case may be, lives are definitely going to be saved because, again, time is precious,” said Adam Jude, President of Dickson Graphics.

United Christian Academy made other security upgrades before The Covenant School mass shooting. They added night locks, a coded key entry and an armed SRO and are in the process of adding steel doors outside of the front entrance.

“It’s sad that it’s come to this, but it’s much needed for protection. I want to do everything I can to protect our children and our staff,” Flowers said.

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“It slows down any kind of intrusion into a building if you put this over your windows, which buys you precious time,” Jude said.