NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Tennesseans definitely have a unique dialect, even for the South. So, it’s no surprise when newcomers and visitors have a hard time pronouncing these 10 places.

Located in Grundy County is the tiny town of Beersheba Springs. Residents pronounce it as BURSH-uh-ba Springs.

Celina is home to one of Tennessee’s clearest lakes. Tennesseans pronounce the small city as Sa-LY-na.

Demonbreun Street, located in Midtown Nashville, is pronounced by locals as Dee-MUN-bree-yun Street. Oftentimes, tourists (and Siri) are heard pronouncing it as Demon-broo-en.

The “G” in Giles County is pronounced as a “J” when saying the name of this Middle Tennessee county: Juh-iles.

Lafayette Street is usually pronounced by many Tennesseans as Luh-FAY-it, instead of the French pronunciation Lah-fah-yet

La Vergne, located in Rutherford County, is easily pronounced in two syllables: Luh-VERN.

Home of the Wilson County- Tennessee State Fair is Lebanon, or according to locals: Leb-NUN

Maury County, not to be confused with the hit tabloid show hosted by Maury Povich, Tennesseans pronounce the county as Mur-ry.

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Visitors to Milan might make the mistake of pronouncing the Gibson County city similar to an Italian city, but locals pronounce it as MY-lin.

Shelbyville, in Bedford County, is pronounced by the locals similarly to a gardening tool – SHEB-Vull – instead of how it reads: SHELL-Bee-Ville.