LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) – One person is dead and a child is in critical condition after a three-car crash Monday afternoon in Lebanon.

“The vehicle you see up on the monument struck a vehicle on Greenwood, continued on into the square, and from what witness statements that have been given, there was no braking action as that vehicle came through the square,” explained Lt. P.J. Hardy, with the Lebanon Police Department.

The impact was so strong that the entire back of a car was completely crushed. The incident left a woman dead.

Witnesses described what they heard moments before the crash.

“Tires screeching down the road, someone trying to stop very quickly, and then next thing you knew I heard crashing,” explained Lainey Bently who was working inside a boutique on the square.

Lebanon police arrested the driver of a black SUV, and confirmed to News 2 that the woman behind the wheel is suspected of driving under the influence.

“A female driver, she was given a field sobriety task, based on the results of that and other information, and eye witness statements, she was placed under arrest. There was a passenger in this suspect vehicle, he’s also being detained for questioning as well,” said Lt. Hardy. “We don’t, at this point, know what speed she was going but the fact that no brakes were applied. It doesn’t take a whole lot of speed with no breaking action to cause that type of severity.”

The chaos unfolded in the center of town, next to the iconic square.

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“It’s kind of unbelievable because it’s the square, you don’t expect this kind of thing to happen at 5 o’clock on Monday, but here we are,” said Lt. Hardy.