LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Lebanon mother of five is now re-learning how to walk. 

On Saturday, 28-year-old Chelsea Stiltner was getting her mail when she was badly injured in a hit-and-run.  

Lebanon police are now searching for the driver of a red four-door sedan.  

“It was too dark to see the driver. They were going roughly 30 miles per hour when they hit her,” Chelsea’s husband, Seth Stiltner, said.

Chelsea was at the mailbox when a big gust of wind flew mail into the road. 

“She leaned over and grabbed the mail, and the car did a hit-and-run and sped away after and flew her off to the side where she face-planted into the concrete and passed out,” Seth said.  

When EMS arrived, she was rushed to the hospital.

“She went to one hospital where she was discharged four hours early, prematurely,” Seth explained.

The next day, she had a seizure after she fell out of bed and hit her head. Seth said, once again, she was rushed to the hospital.

“Realizing what we are going through and the changes that are going to be made, it’s kinda devastating,” Seth said.  

Now, he wants to know who would do this.  

“Justice needs to be served with what we are now going through, people like that shouldn’t be on the streets. Whether it was intentional or not, they should have at least stopped and ask if she was okay, but they couldn’t even do that,” Seth said. 

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Seth said Chelsea was released from her second hospital stay Tuesday evening.  

If you’d like to help out the family financially, a GoFundMe can be found here.