LAWRENCEBURG, Tenn. (WKRN) — Home surveillance cameras captured a man breaking into two trucks in Lawrence County.

It happened last week in Jessica Edwardsen’s front yard, just feet from the front door of her house.

“I’ve lived out here since 2007. You hear about that stuff in the city, but you think you’re far enough out in the country that no one is going to come out here to do something like that, especially when you have cameras all over the property,” Edwardsen said.

Cameras showed the suspect breaking into Edwarden’s truck and then her husband’s vehicle. She says he got away with about $7,000 worth of tools.

Inside Lawrenceburg city limits, the police department says they’ve seen an increase in car break-ins this month.

Just one week into March, police spokesman Hughie Englet said there have been at least five reports taken by officers.

“We probably average about three a month. So, when we have five in a week that’s cause for concern,” Englet said.

Englet calls car break-ins a “crime of opportunity.”

“Our offenders are usually on foot. They travel the neighborhoods checking for unlocked doors and when they find one they’ll get in your vehicle. If your car is locked they’ll go to the next one,” Englet said.

But in Edwarden’s case, the doors were locked and thousands of dollars worth of personal belongings were still stolen.

Englet says don’t store valuables in your vehicle. And if you do, keep them out of plain sight.

“It’s like they weren’t even scared. Like, out here all of our porch lights stay on, our spotlight on our garage stays on, and they’re just sitting out there not even caring if they get caught,” Edwardsen said.

Lawrenceburg police have already arrested one man in connection to the vehicle break-ins. They say they’ve identified two other possible suspects.

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If you recognize the man in the surveillance video or know who’s involved with the break-in at Edwardsen’s home, call the Lawrenceburg Police Department.