LEOMA, Tenn. (WKRN) — Six years have passed, and there are still no answers for a Lawrence County family whose loved one vanished.  

Janson Brewer left behind two young children and a family that’s not giving up on their search for him. 

Brewerr lived In Leoma, he was 27 years old when he disappeared in August 2016. The family continues to this day to hear countless, disturbing rumors of where he could be — only adding to their heartache. 

“We just heard everything in the world like he was fed to hogs and he’s been down in wells,” Brewer’s mother Loria Youtsey went on to explain with tears in her eyes. 

Dive teams and cadaver dogs have come and gone and still no word of what happened to her son. 

“It just feels like it’s been forever ya know. I’ve got a picture of him on my mirror and I look at him every day and not a day goes by I don’t think about him.” 

His family’s emotions are left in limbo without answers, and their hopes turn to heartache. 

“Another year has come and gone and we have not heard anything,” the mother explained. 

August 19, 2016, was the last time Brewer’s family heard from him. He had plans with his brother to go fishing. It was like he vanished — no sightings, no car and no remains since.

“I need answers. You know he’s my baby and I miss him and not to know where he’s at or what happened to him nothing. It’s hard to deal with,” she explained. 

Brewer was a father to three, including one who passed away at a young age from a medical condition. His mother continues praying for a proper burial for her son.  

“I just wish we could at least, if he’s dead, find his body you know and put it with the rest of the family and his little boy so I can have closure and go to talk to him and know he’s there.” 

Brewer was last known to be driving a silver Ford Ranger with a step side bed and was with a man named Daniel Braden, who investigators say was known as Shawn and had ties to Florida.

The 22nd Judicial District Attorney’s Office says leads flooded in on the front end, but nothing panned out no one had a real idea of what actually happened to the two men. 

“I just feel like they give up on him, they aren’t trying anymore.” 

The family is left feeling helpless with each passing year.

General Brent Cooper told News 2 that investigators have followed up on every possible lead and will continue to do so.

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Tips can be submitted by calling the 22nd District Attorney’s Office at their Lawrence County office at 931-766-1453 or their Columbia office at 931-380-2536