LEOMA, Tenn. (WKRN) — A deadly motorcycle crash over the weekend has left a family mourning. A Lawrence County father was killed during the accident and his wife is now recovering.

Eddie and Christy Steelman were enjoying their weekly Sunday motorcycle ride.

Eddie was driving northbound on Minor Hill Highway in Giles County when tragedy struck.

Karley Goolsby, the middle daughter of the family, said she knew something was wrong when her parents were not picking up. Around 5 p.m. Sunday evening she received the heart-wrenching news.

“Finally, the fourth time I called my mom a man answered the phone, the service wasn’t wonderful. I heard bits and pieces and then finally I could gather it was an EMS worker,” Goolsby said.

Their mother, Christy, is now on the road to recovery.

“It’s going to be tough on my mom because he was her best friend,” Goolsby said.

Eddie Steelman’s wife and three children described their dad as genuine, big-hearted and a caring person.

“He loves his family, he loves his grandson, he loves his animals, he loves his bike, his wife, his community, he loves his patients, his country, everything he just loved,” Goolsby said.

His family said Steelman chased his dreams of becoming a family nurse practitioner in his 40s while raising three children.

“He showed up to everything — ball games, dance recitals, church recitals, he was their front row ready to cheer us on,” Goolsby said.

Shock and sadness lingered Tuesday as Steelman’s daughters said they are fortunate to have spent lots of quality time with their dad before the accident.

And Sunday, he spent his last hours doing what he loved with his best friend.

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“They went out and they rode that was the thing they loved to do together. That is how they spend quality time. They went out and enjoyed a moon pie and a coke,” Goolsby said.