La Vergne, Tenn. (WKRN) – A La Vergne woman claims her foxes were stolen off her property, and one of them was found shot in a trash bag.

“It’s tough and it’s exhausting. It’s knowing when I go outside, they’re not in their kennel anymore,” said Jenny Denney, as she held back tears. “It’s just hard.”

Denney says every day has been a constant struggle since her two foxes, named Todd and Vixie, were stolen. She explained one morning she woke up and found their locks on the ground, and her animals were gone. She explained using a tracking device in Todd’s collar. His location popped up just blocks away in a neighborhood. Then, it was on the move again.

“His collar will update every minute, and foxes can run up to 35 miles per hour, but within two minutes he was past the Almaville Road exit, so I knew he was in a vehicle,” said Denney.

However, she says with the help of a GPS and police, she found Todd and made a gruesome discovery.

“We found him in a white trash bag, still bleeding,” Denney explained, saying Todd had been shot. “It hurt me, and it still hurts. Todd was my baby, he loved everything, he was such a good boy.”

News 2 reached out to La Vergne Police and was told that this was an open investigation, and because of that, the department couldn’t share any details.

Foxes are considered to be an exotic animal but are completely legal to have. However, workers with the Exotic Pet Wonderland say this type of crime is common.

“It’s becoming more common, but until a few years ago it wasn’t something you saw very often at all. It’s something as the animals become more common pets; it’s becoming more common occurrence,” explained Linsey Hembree with Exotic Pet Wonderland.

Hembree explained foxes are now becoming popular domestic pets with some owners wanting something other than a typical dog or cat. Oftentimes, these animals are domesticated and have never lived in the wild, which could be a reason why some of them are stolen.

“Don’t go advertising, ‘Hey, I have these animals. Come see them,’ That sort of thing. It’s something you definitely want to make sure that you take the proper precautions and keep them safe with padlocks to keep people out, and that’s just a safety thing all around with exotics,” explained Hembree.

Denney told News 2 her other fox is still missing. Her name is Vixie, and she was last seen wearing a pink harness, with a collar attached. On the collar is the family’s information.

If you see her, Denney is asking you to call La Vergne Police.