LA VERGNE, Tenn. (WKRN) — What better way to celebrate 50 years than with a time capsule? The City of La Vergne has been around since 1972 and city leaders decided the best way to celebrate is to bury a little bit of history.

The La Vergne Public Library isn’t just filled with books, but special gems tied to the city’s unique history.

“When I was really small, we would know we were coming into La Vergne when we saw the leaning barn,” said Donna Bebout.

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A lot’s changed since Bebout became the library’s director 18 years ago. “When I first started, of course, we had a lot of people, but the population has just exploded,” she said.

Fifty years of growth have now transformed this once small city.

“It’s hard to believe, but when you start driving around you can tell,” said Bebout.

But the library is the one place that seems to stand the test of time.

“The library building will always be here, and especially the location of the flag poles,” said Bebout. “We thought that would be a great place cause that area will not change.”

So it became the perfect place to bury a time capsule.

“It’s celebrating our history, and looking forward to our future,” said Mayor Jason Cole.

Cole said a year ago they began planning to bury a capsule for the city’s 50th celebration. They filled it with badges, a cell phone or two, and letters from himself and residents.

“We live in a unique age,” said Cole. “We’re coming off a pandemic. We’re going through some historic movements with our economy, so it sets into motion where we are, where are hope is, and so it’s talking to them…the future generations reading this that they are our hope.”

The plan is for the next generation to open this capsule for the city’s 100th birthday.

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“I would just love to have a peek at the people who do open it and what they think about all of the items in there,” said Bebout.

For now, history can still be found inside the library’s walls until it’s time for a new group of people to dig up the little bit stashed away outside.

A special plaque is now placed inside the library to remind future staff to open the capsule in 2072.

The city will continue its 50th-anniversary celebrations with a carnival at Veterans Memorial Park starting Thursday, August 24th and lasting until Saturday, August 27th.

You can find more details about the carnival HERE.