NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A couple in Middle Tennessee has found their lost wedding ring after nearly five decades of searching. They lost it on a Massachusetts Army base, and with the help of strangers, they got it back.

“We had an argument about something. We had an argument and the ring got thrown into the woods across from our house. He went and looked for it, but he could never find it.” said Phillip and Skyla Carmona of Kingston Springs.

For years, the parents of eight children would occasionally travel to the base where they last had the ring. They even used a metal detector to try and find it, but had no luck. Now living in Tennessee, and despite 49 years without it, they never lost hope that one day they’d be reunited with the ring they used to exchange vows.

“I have always known it could be found if somebody who knew what they were doing could look for it,” said Skyla.

“Agreed,” said Philip.

After reaching out for the community’s help, History Discovered, a hobby metal detection group including military members with metal detection skillsets, set out to find it. They were armed with a sketch of Philip’s last memory of the area where it could be.

“That’s the sketch I sent him,” said Philip.

Philip Carmona’s sketch (Courtesy: Philip Carmona)

To Philip and Skyla’s surprise, the ring was found in just 15 minutes. The search team sent back a photo to the couple so they could verify it.

“I said, ‘That’s the ring,'” said Philip. “It was just amazing. I was like, I am now sort of speechless, overwhelmed.”

(Courtesy: Philip Carmona)

Now reunited with the ring, the couple said it’s a perfect example of faith and love at work in their marriage over nearly the last 50 years.

“In life things happen and they leave a void, and that’s what this was. It was like there was a void there because my ring wasn’t with me, and so when I found out, it filled that void,” said Skyla.

The couple is set to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in February; that’s when Skyla will put the ring on again for the first time in almost five decades. The search team has also been invited to that celebration.