NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — I can confidently say that this snow we just got in Middle Tennessee on Thursday is more exciting to our girls, especially our oldest, than any of the toys Santa brings this year.

Both girls were born and raised in South Florida, so the only thing they know about snow is what they have read in books or watched in movies.

Our oldest, Delta, is six years old. She’s been talking about wanting to see snow for years. We even took a trip to Colorado when she was three hoping that her wish would come true, and hardly any snow fell while we were there. So, this snowfall, however small it might have been, was a huge deal in our home.

My wife, Sally, and I kept it a secret all week from the girls that we might get some snow. We wanted to see their excitement. Man, did it pay off.

Thursday night, I told Delta that there was a surprise at the door. I think she thought it was a toy of some kind. But, as you can from her reaction, it was more special than any Christmas toy.