Juveniles with guns caught on camera vandalizing popular North Nashville tourist spot

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Brazen juveniles with guns caught vandalizing a popular tourist area in North Nashville and it was all caught on camera.

Upstairs from the distilleries, winery and retail spots Sunday afternoon around 1:30 p.m. five juveniles entered upstairs at Marathon Village, the old Marathon Motor Works car factory.

“It’s basically a living museum for that car factory,” David Guy who is the office manager for Marathon Village told News 2.

The juveniles made themselves at home in the venue for the next two hours, hanging out, doing push-ups and running amuck.

They notice the cameras and instead of shying away, some of them get right into it and flick it off. They then go on to tear a historic display off the wall, attempt to break a sculpture, throw what appears to be fireworks on the ground and in between tourists and employees walk right by.

“I’m disgusted with what was on the video. I’ve never seen anything like that before from kids,” Guy explained.

The most shocking video is when they are seen playing with guns. The juveniles take turns pointing the guns at each other aggressively, as it appears as though they are roleplaying hold-ups.

“There were three guns at least on them and they were pointing them at each other. They were pretending to do hold-ups, they were playing dead. One would point the gun at each other and the other would fall.”

The video shows a couple of close calls where they would have the guns out as somebody would walk by, they would quickly hide them.

“At one point and I’m guessing they were reloading a clip or something, one of them throws a clip across the floor. I mean at one point a gun is on the floor to,” stated Guy.

Before leaving the building, Guy says they vandalized the men’s bathroom, leaving a hole in the wall, toilet paper throughout and parts of a gun in the toilet.

“It should make the whole community angry in terms of what they feel like they could get away with, because they obviosuly felt like they could do this with no repercussions.”

As if 2 hours of vandlism wasn’t enough, the vandals then go outside.

Their first target is a vintage 1964 Ford Convertible.

“He actually left the car unlocked and there was no valuables inside, because he was afraid of somebody busting a window to get something valuable inside,” Guy explained.

Instead they find a fire extinguisher inside the car, which you can see the juveniles spray.The chemicals fill the air with what looks like plumes of smoke, they then shoot it at each other and into the vintage car.

“They use that to shoot the whole fire extinguisher off inside the car, around the car and then climbed on top of the car and busted out the windshield.”

Video shows one of the juveniles climb on the hood of the old Ford and bashing in the windshield.

“It’s shocking. The kid that bust out that windshield looks very aggressive and we’ve already seen him on video being aggresive inside and pointing that gun.”

The Marathon office manager say they then went to another parking lot, threw rocks at cars and busted out the windows of the Lightning 100 van.

“Lightning 100’s van was obviously a target too, probably because it has Lightning 100 blazoned on it.”

Guy believes the same juveniles could be responsible for a number of incidents over the years and wants to put an end to it.

“If kids are doing this now and they are pointing guns at each other, holding each other up, then what happens when they are 18, 19 , 20, 25, 30? What do those kids then become as adult,” Guy questioned.

He believes the juveniles live in the area and came from the direction of the John Henry Hale Apartments.

Metro Police say they are working to identify the young men and urge anyone with tips to contact Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME.

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