NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – “I think that we know why we’re here, there’s a law changing in just a couple of day that isn’t going to let people like myself perform ceremonies,” Jim Chandler of 107.5 The River’s Woody & Jim show told the ceremony.

It was a sunny day for a “Big Fat All-inclusive Wedding.” Twenty couples, 40 wedding rings, and one message.

“Love is love, it doesn’t define the color of their skin, their gender, any of that, love is love, you love who you love and you can’t change that,” said Makayla Blevins who got married in the wedding.

This weekend is the last weekend someone ordained online can legally marry a couple in the state of Tennessee.

Jim and Woody planned this wedding to get a few more couples married before, they say, it gets a little harder.

“On July 1st, the law says it can only be performed by an elected official or a religious person, a member of the clergy; and that makes it illegal for 13,000 online ordained ministers in Tennessee to say a wedding, to preside over it,” Chandler told the ceremony.

“That was another reason why I wanted to do it sooner because I think it’s gonna be more challenging for same-sex couples to get married in Tennessee because maybe some ministers will not want to marry same-sex couple but we’re happy that we’re able to get married in Tennessee,” Jennifer Murrell, who also got married, said.