MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Crews spent much of the weekend prepping and clearing roadways, however, streets may become dangerous overnight and start to refreeze. Emergency officials ask drivers to avoid any unnecessary travel Monday morning.

Mt. Pleasant, Columbia, and much of Maury County got its fair share of mother nature once again Sunday.

“I wish it was Christmas again, I love it. I love the snow!” Mt. Pleasant resident Steven Walker said.

Emergency personnel began monitoring conditions and treating roads early Sunday morning to try and prevent as many emergencies as possible.

“We started early this morning watching the weather come in, watching the road conditions,” said Jeff Hardy, Director of Emergency Management in Maury County.

Residents worked throughout the day to deal with the elements.

“I’ve been out of power for seven and a half hours now. Now’s probably a good six to eight inches deep,” Mt. Pleasant resident Mike Nolin said.

Nolin ran into town Sunday afternoon for groceries, but admitted some roads were treacherous. Even with four-wheel-drive, he said he hit several slick spots. He recommended neighbors avoid travel if at all possible.

“[I] stopped and grabbed me some stuff you don’t have to cook, so I’ve at least got something to eat. I guess I’m just going to go back home and bundle back up and may have to see if I can get my generator going, find a heat source to just try to stay warm,” he said.

Others braved the elements to go into work to help others get what they need. Walker works at a Maury County Dollar Tree and saw customers coming in for essentials throughout the day .

“Stay home if you can. If you can’t make it, don’t risk it, don’t risk it. It’s dangerous out here today,” Walker said.

Thankfully, Maury County officials said they didn’t see as many emergencies as their last round of snow.

“We tried to get the word out early to stay home, to stay off the roadways, and it seemed to work. There was a lot less traffic, which means a lot less accidents this time versus the last snowstorm,” Hardy said.

Hardy urged residents to stay off the roads overnight and Monday if possible, with temperatures expected to drop into the 20s.

“That would refreeze anything that’s still on the roadways or walkways, so we just encourage everybody to heed that caution. Stay home if possible,” Hardy said. “And if they do have to get out just take their time, slow down and make sure they leave enough distance between them and the car in front of them.”

Wet spots from melted snow could be seen on roadways across Middle Tennessee Sunday night. Anyone with a Monday morning commute should expect icy roadways and be prepared incase their car would become stuck.