SMYRNA, Tenn. (WKRN) – Residents in Smyrna on Thursday morning were greeted by a construction nightmare as many found themselves blocked from getting in and out of their home.

A road closed sign blocked the main entrance at Village Lake Townhomes off of Jefferson Pike. The only other way in and out of the complex was gated and locked Thursday morning, outraging neighbors.

“How are we supposed to get out? How are we supposed to get in?” asked Tymicia Willis.

After dropping her child off at school, Willis and a number of others found themselves blocked from getting home Thursday morning.

“People were just outraged, you know. People were getting out of their cars, they were yelling, just all kinds of stuff,” Willis explained.

After calls to property managers went unanswered, Willis said she called police who rectified the situation. She captured the line of cars in both directions on her cell phone.

“I saw 30 cars trying to get out of here when they finally opened it up. I counted 30 cars,” Summer Martinez, who also found herself blocked from her home told News 2.

The construction has caused headaches for weeks for those that use Jefferson Pike, causing kids to be late to school and others late to work, neighbors explained. However, it’s being trapped in the complex that is of great concern.

“It is a danger, you know, if we can’t get out the back and now they are closing off the front, what exactly are we supposed to do if there is an emergency?” questioned Willis.

Complex management placed notes on the doors later in the morning, saying they weren’t notified of the work starting so early and that the back entrance will be open when they are working, adding they do plan to close it over the weekend.

“I already talked to them; they are going to keep this part closed permanent over the weekend. If that’s closed who is going to be leaving this property?” Martinez asked with frustration.

Willis said the construction has impacted her work schedule, costing her time and money. She evened showed a ticket she received from police for cutting through a gas station parking lot while seeking an alternate route to get home.

News 2 reached out to the office at the Village Lake Townhomes and they had no comment.