MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A call for a possible stabbing on the interstate turned into a pursuit that came to an end on a dead end road in Maury County.

Neighbors on Bristow Road captured the tense moments of the take down on camera. 

“It was really scary,” Michelle Petty explained, saying she watched from her parents window as it all unfolded outside their home. 

Petty said the driver hit the dead end and made their way back up the road, but by that time officers had deployed spike strips.

“He avoided the spike strips, came off onto my neighbors property, and then they hit him from behind and turned him and then he ended up in the other neighbors yard. When they hit him, that was loud. They hit him hard to get him to turn and it was just, that was intense.”

That’s when Petty said a number of law enforcement officials moved in with their guns drawn, telling residents to stay inside.

“Then they finally got him out and they handcuffed him,” she said, explaining that he was yelling obscenities during the arrest.

Officials with the Tennessee Highway Patrol told News 2 that authorities were sent to a fight in progress on I-65 south of Columbia where they made contact with a male and female and the man took off. That’s when a brief pursuit ensued and the man was taken into custody.

“If they hadn’t hit him and turned him the way they did, I think he would have kept on going. That officer was bound and determined to not let him drive off. It was scary, because we didn’t know what he had done. They were just trying to get him to pull over; I didn’t know if he was armed; I didn’t know if he had hurt somebody; we didn’t know anything about him. I still don’t know anything about him, but yeah, it was really scary,” said Petty. 

News 2 reached out to the Maury County Sheriff’s Department for additional details, but we have yet to hear back.