Increase in camper & RV sales due to COVID, and not just for recreation

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Since Tennessee State Parks reported they have had record visitation this year, particularly for camping, it would make sense that RV and camper sales would be on the increase as well.

“It began in about the middle of May,” explained Michael Spencer, Sales Manager at Bankston Motor Homes of Nashville. “And to my knowledge, that is when the boom really started and people began to realize that they couldn’t take a boat or go on a ship or a cruise, or they didn’t want to. They didn’t want to stay in a motel. So, staying in an RV was a great way to stay isolated but yet have family time and get out and do things.”

But Spencer quickly realized that there was an entirely different need for campers, and it had nothing to do with recreation.

“One of the most interesting ones I’ve had is that several health care workers, doctors, nurses, what have you, is that they’ll come buy a camper to live at their home in their own driveway so that they don’t expose their family,” Spencer said.

“People are still having the same concerns, and are still looking for the smaller ones. The Class-B’s seem to be the real popular ones because that’s a good safe mode of transportation between their homes and the doctor’s office, or to go visit other important meetings that they might have. So it’s a good way, people that are high risk to travel in the Class B’s and yet stay isolated, and still have the comforts of a bathroom or a bed if they need to rest.”

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