NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WRKN) — Don’t give criminals a chance to make you the victim of a crime.

“We’ve updated the Scam Tracker to be more robust and timely as we report scam information,” explained Lorneth Peters, Director of Marketing and Communications for BBB Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky.

The BBB has partnered with Amazon and Capital One to help consumers learn about, avoid and report scams using the BBB Scam Tracker online reporting tool.

“Any information that’s recorded to Scam Tracker, Amazon and Capital One will also receive so they can make that information available to their consumers,” Peters said.

The updated Scam Tracker also makes it easier for consumers to report scams.

“In the past, you had to just go in and add your name and the scam that happened,” explained Peters. “But now, we’re providing you with a questionnaire so that we receive the exact information we need to make it available to others.”

An upgraded search function enables consumers to search scams by URL, email address and phone number.

“You can add that phone number you’ve received into a Scam Tracker to see if others have received that same phone number,” Peters said. “Or if they have not received a scam such as that one yet, you are informing them about it.”

Popular scams are compiled, highlighting puppy scams, pyramid schemes, and tax fraud just to name a few. You can even search specific zip codes anywhere across the country.

Peters gives the example, “If you’re visiting your mom, your dad, or another senior member of your family, you can let them know hey, something’s happening in this area and we just want to keep you updated on that.”

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In a recent study completed by the BBB Institute, Scam Tracker saved consumers $31.4 million in 2021. With the recent improvement, it’s slated to save consumers even more.