WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN)- Accidents happen all the time, but for those who knew and loved Enoc Hernandez, this one hit hard.

News 2 confirmed the identity of Hernandez after the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office responded to a home on Quad Oak Drive after a ladder hit an electrical wire.

“Death is a surprise. That’s the best way I can describe it: Death is a surprise,” said Isaac Gomez with Una Esperanza Vive Nashville, the Hernandezes’ church home. “We couldn’t believe it, though.”

Sitting inside the church, Gomez translated as we asked Hernandez’s wife, Mary, how she was doing following the tragic accident. Mary cried as she spoke about how difficult this has been on her and her children.

“It’s really painful, and I’m not accepting this. I don’t, I don’t accept this,” Gomez translated. “We are completely destroyed. We are devastated.”

On Monday afternoon, Hernandez was doing what he did best.

“I mean that’s what he did every day, every day. That’s how he made his living, working in roofing,” said Gomez.

Gomez told News 2 that Hernandez was an usher in the church. For a time, he had stopped going because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but when he came back he made an impact.

Monday’s incident left Hernandez dead and two others in the hospital.

“Construction workers, especially the roofing people, they know that there is a high possibility that they might fall and hurt themselves. I don’t think he was going to die or he was prepared to die that day,” Gomez said.

Mary has been grieving, but even through a screen, she and Gomez find comfort in remembering Hernandez as the father, husband and friend he will always be.

Gomez translated as Mary remembered some of her favorite moments with her husband, describing “work, playing with his kids, [and] taking care of her.”

“A lot of people from the city, the church and people from the community knew Enoc, I mean, we are really going to miss him. He was a great guy,” said Gomez.

Since Monday’s accident, several roofing companies have created GoFundMe accounts for the Hernandez family, as well as the families of the two others who were injured.

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To donate to a GoFundMe campaign from Tim Leeper Roofing Company, click here. To donate to a GoFundMe campaign from Austermiller Roofing Company, click here.