STEWART COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A country road in Stewart Country has become incredibly dangerous ever since someone recently started dropping hundreds of sharp nails on the road. It’s a mystery who’s doing this, but neighbors said they know one thing: they are sick of blowing out their tires.

Antioch Road in the Bumpus Mills area looks like a pretty road to drive down — at least it used to be.

Natalie York has not only had six flat tires in six weeks, but she has also found as many as 300 nails along Antioch Road.

“We would just see piles of nails scattered on the road. And when we would drive at night, they would sparkle, so that’s how we spotted them,” said York, who has lived on Antioch Road for three years.

At first, the York family would pick them up, thinking the nails fell off a construction truck, but now they believe someone is intentionally throwing these down.

While it’s gotten pricey to change all those tires, York is more worried about the school bus that drives this road twice a day, as well as her family’s safety.

“I have 86-year-old parents that drive their car to Bumpus Mills. If they get a flat tire, they could wreck and they could be killed,” she said. “It is a danger to this area, and I wish that whoever is doing it will stop.”

“Somebody is intentionally throwing these items on the road. Whether they’re disgruntled or what their motive is, I don’t know,” said Stewart County Sheriff Frankie Gray.

According to Gray, he put an investigator on the case, but he admits that with a case like this, he needs the public’s help too.

“If you see a vehicle that you think might be suspicious, just give us a tag number if you possibly can or a description of that vehicle,” Gray said. “If you see anything at all that’s in the roadway, you might want to be prepared to stop and not run over it.”

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The sheriff said he’s received five reports, adding that he knows that there are more out there. Until this nail-layer is found, though, folks on Antioch Road have to change their routine.

“Every day, we come outside and we look at our tires to make sure they’re not flat and we search for screws in our tires,” said York. “There’s nothing else we can do. We can’t just stay at home.”

This has also been a challenge to solve because, according to neighbors, there’s no pattern. The nails can show up any time of day.

However, the sheriff did say that when the culprit’s caught, they could face a vandalism charge, among others.