NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — COVID-19 is creating big challenges for the Davidson County Sheriffs Office as hundreds of inmates and staff members test positive or have to be quarantined.

“Like everyone, I think we thought we were through the heaviest wave six months ago or whatever and now we’re facing some significant challenges,” said Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall.

On Jan.10, 110 inmates tested positive for COVID-19 with 388 in quarantine. Four days later the positive cases more than doubled, and as of this week, 372 inmates tested positive with more than 750 in quarantine.

“The last few days we have entire facilities that are either positive, these are 400 people – entire facilities, whether they’re either positive or quarantine,” Hall said. “There’s some very prominent high profile criminal trial starting next week — the individual, obviously, we’re trying to protect him from making sure he can be on trial. There are so many things.”

These numbers are having ripple effects. For instance, the sheriff said there are inmates who have trustee status and are able to work in the kitchen so when they tested positive there were problems with providing meals. The sheriff says there were 50 plus staff members who tested positive along with nurses as well.