WAVERLY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Recovery continues in Humphreys County more than a year after deadly floodwaters swept through the area, taking 20 lives.

Even though some businesses weren’t directly impacted by the August 2021 flooding, they’ve felt the effects since then.

“It is a struggle every single day,” said Beth Leeming, owner of Vintage Treasures on West Main Street. “So, we’re just like, if we make one sale, we’re happy, because it’s that tough.”

Leeming told News 2 she was thankful water never crept into her building. However, her customers stopped shopping after the flood, impacting her bottom line.

Despite that, she has managed to stay open.

“Some of the citizenries were that everybody is going to move away, and this will just dry up and will be a ghost town, and some of that has happened, but some of the people are starting to come back, but the businesses are still suffering from that,” Leeming said. “They can’t find people to work. They can’t find a reason to keep their doors open.”

More than 90 Humphreys County businesses shut down following the flood.

“The businesses that were having a hard time anyway after the years of COVID that in six months, 12 months, 18 months after the flood, that had finally taken all they could take because the loss of people and the loss of customer base and that sort of thing,” Daryl Mosley, executive director of the Humphreys County Chamber of Commerce, explained. “That’s been the concern all along is that the dominos would continue to fall, so we’re trying to stop that.”

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Mosley and others hope Humphreys County’s Halloween on Main event at the end of the month will help draw customers back to small businesses.

“We need to make sure they get that business back,” said Karin Landers, director of Humphreys County tourism. “And that’s part of what I want to do is bring people back here and to make this a vibrant place to be again, because we have so many wonderful things.”

The Halloween on Main will take place at the Court Square on West Main Street on Monday, Oct. 31 from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., featuring music, crafts, candy, costumes, and more.