DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Humane Society of Dickson County is in desperate need of donations as employees work to rescue an estimated 37 feral dogs.

Officials said a Veteran was evicted from his home after not being able to afford the rent. The man went to go live with his daughter out of state and left behind several dozen dogs he had been feeding outside his home.

“You look at them and your heart breaks,” said Vivienne Akhdary, General Manager of the Humane Society of Dickson County. “I’m not blaming him for this because I don’t know the circumstances of when this started. My guess is he was probably trying to feed them to help them, but he didn’t have the resources or the ability to reach out for help to get them under control and it’s been an ongoing problem for years.”

Many of the dogs were found suffering from a variety of medical conditions, including skin rashes and parasites. Humane Society workers estimate the average cost to treat each animal will be around $1,500.

As of Saturday evening, seven dogs had been rescued. The Humane Society plans to bring in the rest over the next several days.

“We can’t leave them out there. You just can’t abandon them to that, but we need help, we need help desperately with fosters, adopters, rescues out there, we’re just really struggling,” Akhdary said.

The Humane Society of Dickson County is asking for donations, volunteers, foster help, and help from any animal rescue agency that can offer assistance at this time.

“They’ve never had a fair shot to have the kind of life that they should have. I’m sure there are some we are going to have to euthanize,” Akhdary said. “But most dogs are very resilient and if you spend a little time and give them a little TLC, they learn to trust you, they’ll be your best friends.”

For more information on how to help, click here.

Akhdary strongly encouraged pet owners to spay and neuter their animals to help prevent similar situations in the future.