‘How do you leave?’ Nashville rider recovers as hit and runs spike county-wide

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It's a crime on the rise county wide, one that nearly took an East Nashville man's life.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s a crime on the rise countywide, one that nearly took an East Nashville man’s life.

Gill Cato, better known as ‘Grizz’, is an avid biker who’s now basically stuck at home.

“I’ve got three motorcycles,” he explained. “If I had been on one of them with just two wheels, probably wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

He was thankfully on a three-wheeled vehicle last Friday, having bought the new ride just 40-minutes before.

“What went through my mind was man, if I had known they rode this good, I would have had one a long time ago,” Grizz said. “That’s the last thought that went through my mind before I told somebody to get me an ambulance.”

Grizz was stopped at the intersection of Broadmoor Dr. and Gallatin Rd. But a speeding van did not stop, slamming into him from behind, before driving away.

“It was so quick, never heard tires squeal, never heard nothing,” he added. “Only thing I knew, I was laying in the middle of the street bleeding.”

It’s a crime becoming too common countywide.

In 2017, there were 7,527 hit-and-runs reported according to Metro Police.

Last year, the number jumped by nearly 500, to 8068.

That number is on pace to be passed yet again this year, with 4383 reported through just over six months.

“How do you leave,” added Grizz. “You don’t know if you killed somebody or not. Whoever it is out there right now doesn’t have a clue whether I lived or died.”

Thankfully Grizz lived, despite head to toe bruising, minor spine fractures, and a ruptured kidney.

Metro Police are investigating. Witnesses on scene describe the suspect vehicle as a van, possibly gold in color, that may have left its bumper on scene.

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