WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A house cleaner accused of stealing close to $100,000 worth of jewelry from victims in multiple cities is now behind bars.

Cinthya Navarro Rodriguez is accused of stealing expensive jewelry from multiple clients in Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, and Spring Hill.

The 28-year-old is now behind bars in the Williamson County Jail charged with theft over $10,000.

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Multiple agencies have placed holds on the woman whose arrest information indicated she is homeless out of Lewisburg.

According to police affidavits and detectives in multiple jurisdictions, the 28-year-old house cleaner has been linked to more than half a dozen thefts totaling close to $100,000 in stolen jewelry.

“The homeowner hired a cleaning service to clean their house, they used this company for a couple of months, and trusted them,” said Lt. Mike Foster, Spring Hill Police.

According to Spring Hill arrest documents, while working as a house cleaner this summer Rodriguez reportedly stole close to $3,500 worth of jewelry from a Spring Hill family.

The report indicated the family discovered multiple pieces of jewelry missing including a $1,200 Rolex Ring, a $1,200 diamond necklace, a $600 gold chain, and a $400 pendant.

According to the report, the family notified the company who looked for the missing articles in their vacuum equipment. When the jewelry was not located there, the owners of the company interviewed all personnel who were at the victim’s Spring Hill home.

According to the report, Rodriguez became very defensive and “her face turned white.”

Lt. Foster said body language can tell a detective a lot about a suspect’s veracity. “A lot of times people cannot control nonverbal cues, body behavior, so when you ask a question they might deny it, but their body language, it’s a good indicator you might want to follow up with additional questions.”

The cleaning company fired Rodriguez but told the police there were other instances where Rodriguez was in homes, allegedly touching jewelry boxes, holding jewelry, and looking for surveillance cameras.

In one instance in Columbia, the report states that Rodriguez was being investigated for taking $120 cash out of a purse in a home being cleaned.

According to a Metro Police affidavit from the late summer, a woman identified as Cinthya Rodriguez cleaned a home where three expensive rings disappeared. The rings are valued at $22,000.

The arrest document states that one of the rings was valued at close to $16,000. According to the affidavit, she brought the ring to a jewelry store and allegedly sold it for $1,700.

The affidavit goes on to say the 28-year-old woman reportedly used her Mexican passport and consular ID card to close the sale.

According to Spring Hill police, Rodriguez was reportedly sending the money back to family in Mexico.

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Some of the stolen jewelry has been recovered.

Police told News 2, to avoid being a victim of a similar situation, have working cameras in your home—hide valuables, even put them in a safe.