NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Portland Police are looking for a man they believe to have set up a hidden camera inside a downtown business restroom. A few weeks ago, the undisclosed business found the camera inside the restroom.

Once police reviewed the camera, they only found two photos that they believe belong to the suspect. Police are asking the public to help make a suspect identification.

Right now, police do not know the extent to which how many cameras the suspect could have placed in local businesses.

“More than anything else, we want to encourage people to be aware of their surroundings,” Portland Police Chief Jason Williams said. “We want to encourage local businesses that have public bathrooms to periodically go in their bathrooms and take a look around.”

Several people living in Portland expressed their concerns about someone invading people’s privacy. News 2 spoke with the owner of Main Street Nutrition who said she considers her customers to be family and would feel terrible that someone would violate them.

“I can’t imagine ever wanting to do that or what would make a person want to do that,” Main Street Nutrition owner Lexi Young said. “The world is crazy so it doesn’t shock me a ton but I hope that this person is caught.”

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If you can identify the suspect in these pictures, you’re asked to contact Portland Police at (615) 325-3434.