‘He’s truly a blessing:’ Antioch man helps his stranded neighbors in winter storm

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ANTIOCH, Tenn., (WKRN) — Dozens of vehicles have been found stuck on the side of the road in Antioch after drivers attempt to get into their drive ways or residential parking lots.

News 2’s Stassy Olmos caught up with one man who owns a big truck who decided to go out of his way to help those drivers Tuesday. John Paul Beasley said, “It’s a mess out there. It’s a lot of ice, a lot of stranded vehicles.”

Beasley explained that he kept seeing posts on social media of others offering to help too – for a price, “I kept seeing posts from people you know 50 dollars here, 30 dollar here, we’ll come pull you out.” Beasley continued, “and I just kind of thought – there wasn’t really a price tag you could put on just being a neighbor.”

So, Beasley made a post of his own Monday night offering free help to Antioch residents. “It just immediately went crazy.” He helped two nurses and two lab workers get home last night, “And then I just pulled people out for the rest of the night.”

John Paul Beasley helps stranded neighbors in Antioch during the winter storm.

Nicole Gater was on the receiving end of Beasley’s act of kindness, “We live on a big hill, so we were stuck; there was no way out. And he just posted on Facebook was like ‘Hey I’m giving rides.’ So we reached out, and he was so nice and kind, and we just really appreciate it.”

Kate Whimsley also found herself stuck, “About two days ago, I was driving just fine, and then I tried to get into my complex, and it just didn’t go any further.”

“You guys need anything? You good? Okay!” asked News 2’s Stassy Olmos joining Beasley as he made his way around the neighborhood helping people get their cars off the side of the road.

“You just see them stuck there, and you’re like ‘well I’ve got a strap and a chain lets at least try to get them out,'” Beasley said.

The truck he drives has four-wheel drive and all terrain tires, which makes his vehicle much safer to drive on icy roads. However, if at all possible officials still ask people to stay home.

Beasley said he will do his best to keep up with requests for help while he waits to go back to work.

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