HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The mayor of Hendersonville is talking trash, and he wants community members to do the same. 

Mayor Jamie Clary said Waste Pro warned its fees could jump significantly when the contract expires in 2024. 

“What they’ve told us is that if they want to continue with them, they’re going to probably double our price,” said Clary. 

Right now, Waste Pro charges $13 per house per month, but that could jump to $26. In addition, disposal costs — which is handled by a separate company — have increased from $48 to $69 per ton in the past four years.

According to Clary, another trash pick-up increase in 2024 would be a big strain on the city’s budget: “We’re talking about significant money when it comes to just a $60 million budget, possibly $3 [million] or $4 million increases.” 

Clary said Hendersonville has been fortunate these past few years. The Waste Pro contract allowed for a minimal 2.5% increase each year, as inflation soared much higher. That could end soon because equipment and labor costs have gone up and landfill space is scarce.

“It’s a supply and demand issue,” explained Clary. “As people continue to move to Tennessee, landfill space will continue to get more and more expensive.”

Meanwhile, a Waste Pro spokesperson sent the following statement to News 2:

Like other industries, the solid waste industry continues to face significant cost increases related to labor, equipment (collection vehicles and containers), insurance, and other related costs of doing business. We are seeing similar increases throughout the southeast.

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Since the City by the Lake is facing the possibility that its trash pick-up costs will double, officials want to hear what you think to help keep those costs in check. Hendersonville posted an 18-question survey online to see what you expect from your trash pick-up, as well as what you’re willing to pay for that service in the future.

“If we can make some changes to the service, maybe it only goes up $1.5 [million] or $2 million… Is it still important that the garbage be picked up at their back door, or is it okay for it to be picked up at the curbside? Is it still important that that they get bulk pick-up?” said Clary. “We need to hear from people on the survey.” 

The survey closes on Saturday, Aug. 26, so click here to take it.