Hendersonville police recover stolen car in minutes, arrest 5 from Kentucky

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Despite numerous warnings, it’s something many of us do on these cold days – leave our cars running

While it keeps your car warm. It also invites anyone nearby to steal your vehicle.

Thomas Crumley made that mistake this past Monday night in Hendersonville.

“Now I’m that guy,” he says with a smile on his face in the parking lot where his car was pilfered.

Thomas Crumley is one of the lucky ones.  The 25-year-old says he was just running into a Speedway store to get a drink and he was coming right back out. It was cold so he left his car running, even though he took his key fob with him. 

Within moments, his Chevy Impala was gone.

Crumley says “I was at the register and someone said your car is driving away….oh crap!”

Within 5 minutes, Hendersonville police located Crumley’s car parked at a nearby Taco Bell.

And the alleged car thieves were in a 2nd car, which police say was also stolen. The car was in the drive-thru lane. 

The dash cam showed the Hendersonville police officers, guns out, ordering the young passengers out of the car one by one.

The young suspects from Kentucky were ordered to walk backward, hands raised, toward waiting handcuffs.

Hendersonville police have identified 3 adults in the car.  There were two 18-year-old boys and a 22-year-old.

There were also two girls, both 16-years-old.

Investigators tell News 2 they discovered a toy gun in the car, as well as a loaded semi-automatic pistol. It, too, was reported stolen from Kentucky.

Crumley feels lucky to get his car back so quickly with no damage. 

He says, “Don’t mess with Hendersonville – they will catch you.” 

His message to teens involved in crime: “In the long run you messed up the rest of your life. You can’t even find a job with that type of record. Don’t do it. Being an employer myself, if I was to look at your record, I would not hire you.”

Investigators say Kentucky police are very interested in the teens who could be suspects in a number of auto thefts in the Blue Grass State.

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