HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Hendersonville Police Department is working with several police agencies in tracking a crime syndicate that originated in Nashville and wreaking havoc on communities, breaking into vehicles and stealing cars.

This disturbing crime spree began in early January when the group reportedly struck in Spring Hill.

By Jan. 7, the group reportedly broke into multiple cars in White House, stealing at least one.

The next week, Hendersonville police reported the same young men were seen on doorbell camera going through multiple Hendersonville neighborhoods, looking for cars to break into and steal.

Police said they broke into close to two dozen cars and stole more cars there.

Cmdr. Scott Ryan of the Hendersonville Police Department told News 2 it’s not just a property crime.

“These crimes of car burglaries and thefts are just property crimes, but we know they precipitate the more violent crimes of robberies and shootings,” Ryan said.

According to investigators, Hendersonville police have recovered eight stolen cars, many of which were located at an undisclosed location in Nashville.

Police have also identified four men associated with the crime spree.

Mario Jimenez is a 27-year-old Chicago truck driver, who police said was caught using a stolen credit card at a Nashville Walmart. Police are still unsure what his alleged involvement with the group is.

Authorities also told News 2 about 20-year-old Jamarion McGee, who is now behind bars charged with possession of a stolen Dodge Challenger out of Clarksville.

Metro records indicate McGee was busted previously on charges that include theft over $2,500, weapon possession, theft of a firearm, and evading arrest.

Authorities are also searching for 19-year-old Davon Harney. Detectives said they have active warrants out for him in connection with the crime spree.

They also want to talk to his friend who was caught on video at a Nashville restaurant about the crime spree. That man’s name is not yet known, and the police hope that someone in the public can help.

Ryan tole News 2 the real frightening element to this crime spree is what officers have not yet found.

“In processing some of these recovered vehicles, we found fully loaded high capacity magazines from pistols and boxes of ammo. That tells us two things: we didn’t recover the pistol so somebody is packing a pistol on their person, and secondly, we know they are not using these cars to go back and forth to Bible study,” Ryan said. “It is a tragedy just waiting to happen, and that is the importance of getting these images out there, so we can get people identified, picked up, before they kill someone else or get killed themselves.”

If you have information or recognize any of the suspects, call Hendersonville police at 615-822-1111.