HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Texas man accused of stealing expensive merchandise then selling it online as his own is now behind bars in Sumner County.

This case came together on July 27 when Hendersonville police say a man, known as a serial shoplifter, left the store with expensive tools and was is recognized by loss prevention officers at multiple big box stores.

Store surveillance shows a man, now identified as 22-year-old Gino Rosati Moreno, loading up a cart with a work bench and bluetooth speaker.

Even though authorities say he never paid for the merchandise, he tried to return it at customer service.

When the store refused to refund him money, he walked to a set of closed doors, pried them open, waved goodbye to employees telling him to stop, and then left the premises.

A tip from store loss prevention led Hendersonville police to an online marketplace, reportedly run by Moreno.

“We arrange to make a purchase of the goods, we are always looking for a good deal like everyone else,” Commander Scott Ryan said.

On his alleged site, you can see multiple items for sale for hundreds of dollars. Armed with this information, Hendersonville police officers posed as a buyer and met with Moreno, which is when he was taken into custody. Multitude stolen items were recovered.

“This is no different than setting up a drug deal. He has product, we have money to buy. We just make it happen. Once he was taken down, we identified additional property stolen from other locations in Hendersonville and Nashville. This has been going on for several weeks where he hits stores. The same way you and I get up and go to work, this appears to be what he was doing for a living,” Commander Ryan said.

Moreno is now in the Sumner County Jail. Police say multiple jurisdictions are now interested in his alleged criminal activity.

According to the Hendersonville Police Department, police agencies from Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota may all be interested in the 22-year-old suspect.