SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Hendersonville Public Library Director Allan Morales has been fired, effective immediately, after a 4-3 vote taken Wednesday by the Sumner County Library Board.

After a bomb threat was called into the library Tuesday, the Hendersonville Mayor and other community leaders linked the threat to Fox News’ coverage of a children’s story hour held there at the end of February.

Sumner County Mayor John Isbell, whose jurisdiction includes the library, called for calm and action at Wednesday’s meeting and asked the community to focus on the success of the event.

Isbell told News 2 the library made a mistake in the way the event was handled. He also says he wants yearly trainings for the library staff to manage situations like this in the future and for the board to review library policies.

“This has left an indelible stain on our community,” Isbell said. “If we are being honest, the calls for violence have overshadowed the event and cannot be the voice of our community.”

The story hour was put on by Christian actor Kirk Cameron and his publishing company as part of the promotion of his new children’s book. The event, which also included appearances by other people like “Duck Dynasty” star Missy Robertson and former college swimmer Riley Gaines, drew hundreds of people and packed the library.

Two days before the event, the library posted a statement saying they were excited to host Cameron and his guests.

“We are working hard to ensure they have the platform to read their books and citizens have a comfortable venue to participate. Mayor Clary is working with our Hendersonville Police to ensure traffic and logistical issues are addressed,” the statement read.

After the event, Cameron claimed the Hendersonville Library didn’t want him there at first and there were “as kind as a hornet” to him.

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Police are still investigating the threats.