HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Hendersonville is working to put its best foot forward.

The city by the lake just launched its very own Clean Team, which according to Mayor Jamie Clary, is the first of its kind in Tennessee.

The Clean Team is made up of city workers dedicated to keeping Hendersonville looking its best. The three-member team will pick up trash, fix signs, weed sidewalks, and spot maintenance issues.

“The first couple days already they worked on litter, picking up litter, also cleaned out some weeds. They pulled up some signs that were placed illegally and keeping people from seeing the nice landscape that we have here. They also noted a couple road signs that need to be replaced,” said Clary.

According to Clary, a clean city is important for residents and also for attracting new business, and it’s not just the 380 miles of road that they’ll be focused on.

“We also have 26 miles of shoreline, and that always causes some trouble because we end up with trash on our property that is coming from hundreds of miles away up the Cumberland River,” Clary said.

The mayor said this program does not cost any additional money. The three members of the Clean Team were shuffled from other city departments.

If you see something that the clean team could fix, you can report it on the city’s website.