HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A helmet sticker and a smartphone could save a firefighter’s life.

A sticker from the Lifekey company will be affixed to the fire helmet of 120 firefighters in the city of Hendersonville. The sticker is linked to a cell phone app, that once filled out can be accessed by supervisors during an emergency.

The medical information contained on the app could tell EMS crews about the firefighter’s blood type, any allergies, previous medical history, hospital of preference, and even contact information.

The sticker and app are meant to replace laminated cards that firefighters in Hendersonville clipped to their helmets or gear at a fire scene.

Chief Scotty Bush tells News 2 that in an emergency every second counts, and looking for that information could cost a firefighter their life.

“This way it is on the people. If they are rendered unconscious, we pull their helmet off, and we scan that sticker. And we have all that information to hand to the paramedics and EMT’s on the scene.”

The initiative begins Monday when every firefighter will be required to affix the sticker to their helmet.

Captain Adam Hatela says what medical information the firefighter chooses to include in their personal profile is completely up to them.

“This decal will allow us in the event of an unfortunate situation where a firefighter is rendered unconscious to be able to extract vital information that will help us render the highest level of care to them. The app is totally controlled by the individual user. So that firefighter will only put that info on that app that they want others to know to help care for them.”

Fire officials tell News 2 they got the idea of the ‘Lifekey’ app from hikers who trek into remote areas. The program costs are minimal starting at around $250.

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