NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Metro Public Health Department is investigating a house party held over the weekend at an East Nashville home.

Videos circulated on social media showing the party on Fern Avenue Saturday night, billed as “The Fashion House,” where hundreds of people appeared crammed together, with no masks in sight.

Health department spokesperson Brian Todd said the department was made aware of the situation and they “are investigating,” but no further details were immediately released.

Metro councilman Sean Parker shared a video of the event Sunday on Twitter. He wrote: “Hey @NashvilleHealth @MNPDNashville I never did get a response to any of the emails I sent ~30 hours before this event.” Parker indicated he had contacted both agencies about the party the day prior.

In a statement released to News 2 on Monday morning, Nashville Mayor John Cooper said “the party was in clear violation of Metro’s Modified Phase Two public health order.” Cooper added he had “instructed” the Metro Nashville Police Department “to conduct a full review of its actions.”

Here is the mayor’s complete statement:

The incident on Fern Avenue earlier this week was irresponsible and reckless, lacking any regard for the lives of fellow Nashvillians or the stability of our economy. Metro Public Health, Metro Codes, and the Mayor’s Office is investigating the party and those responsible for organizing it. The party was in clear violation of Metro’s Modified Phase Two public health order, and we have also instructed the MNPD to conduct a full review of its actions.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper

Mayor Cooper released another statement Monday afternoon and said Metro Codes had confirmed through the Tennessee Secretary of State’s website that The Fashion House is an active LLC operating out of 21 B Fern Avenue. He said a Stop Use Order had been posted on the property for “illegally operating a commercial business in a residential district.”

The Metro Nashville Police Department also provided a detailed statement Monday afternoon of the response by officers and the interaction between police and the party’s host:

Officers from C-Detail were dispatched at 11:45 p.m.  Arriving on the scene officers observed multiple vehicles parked throughout both sides of the road on Fern Ave, Elmhurst Ave, Lucile Ave, and Whites Creek Pike. Officers observed large groups of people walking in and out of the residence where loud music could be heard all the way down to Dickerson Pike. Once at the address there were multiple tents at the front of this location with the label “High Roller” with dice symbols on either side, security guards near the gated entrance, and promoters out front. Officers advised the host of the party of the violations that were occurring and advised the host of the party that the party needs to be shut down. Officers warned the host of the party that vehicles blocking the road or vehicles that are incorrectly parked will be ticketed and towed, the host of the party advised that he was not responsible for the parking, but would make an announcement. At approximately 11:30 p.m. we received another call specifically about parked vehicles in front of driveways.  Once again officers made contact with the owner of the party and asked him if he had made the announcement about the vehicles and he stated that he did.  Officers began to ticket and tow the vehicles. As vehicles were being towed, the owner of the party was ordered to shut the party down due the calls that were coming in. He complied and the party was shut down and cleared out by about 1 a.m.  As the party was clearing out, there were calls about shots being fired in the general area, requiring officers at the party house to respond to those.  There were no reports of victims, or property damage.

Two vehicles were towed.

Officers on the C-Detail lit the area up with their blue lights as they waited for the wreckers and while watching the crowd disperse.

There were calls concerning the party on the B-Detail, the first of which appears to have been received at approximately 8:30 p.m.However, officers on the East B-Detail were tied up on other higher priority calls (calls are prioritized due to the number of calls exceeding the number of available officers at the precinct).

Don Aaron, Metro Nashville Police Department