Gunshots rip through Antioch family’s home

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ANTIOCH, Tenn. (WKRN) – An Antioch family says they are blessed to be alive after a bullet flew through a bedroom in their home. 

The gunfire woke Iona Gardner, her 12-year-old daughter Sky, and their dog Coco around midnight Saturday.  

“I woke up to about three or four gunshots,” Gardner explained.  

However, it wasn’t until the next morning that she realized one of the bullets came through her bedroom, just above her bed where she was sleeping.  

“I noticed all the paint dust on my bed and I was like where is all this coming from? So I look up, it was gunshots in my bedroom wall above my head.”  

It was a terrifying realization for the mother of two.  

“Bullets don’t have eyes, it’s scary, it’s scary. I feel blessed. I thank God that my daughter and I were ok, unharmed, because I couldn’t be here today,” Gardner explained.    

She says it’s a tough conversation to have with a child.  

“She was like should we move again? I was like no because it can happen anywhere, it can happen anywhere, unfortunately.”    

Gardener says her family just moved into their home two weeks ago and she has already heard a series of gunshots on at least three occasions.  

“It’s terrible, it’s terrible but what can you do there is always going to be criminals out there,” she stated.    

Gardner doesn’t believe her home was the target, but that someone was being careless and firing shots in the air.  

“I don’t really think it’s Antioch. I think it’s just people being ignorant and not being concerned about where the bullets land.”  

Gardner was surprised when police said she was the only person who called to report the shots fired and she hopes the community will speak up.  

“If they hear things, still call and report it. Just call and report it. I mean you can remain anonymous as well,” she explained.    

Gardner says for now she is not planning to move, but prays the constant crime will come to an end.    

“I just wish all the violence would stop, all the gun violence because it’s easy for anybody to get a gun. You can get a gun permit online now, so they just make it so easy. I just wish it would stop.”

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