SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) – A gun is stolen from a vehicle every 15 minutes in this country.

More than 110 Americans are killed with guns every day. These sobering stats comes from Everytown Research and Policy, a non-profit organization that analyzes crime data from law enforcement agencies like the FBI and local police departments.

According to Everytown Research, more guns are stolen from vehicles in Tennessee than any other state, with Memphis and Chattanooga at number one and two on the list, respectively.

Nashville’s not far behind with more than 1,300 guns stolen from cars this year.

In Spring Hill, the numbers are obviously much less, but three guns were stolen from vehicles in one night alone.

Spring Hill police got the vehicle burglary calls starting Saturday morning.

On body camera footage, you can hear one victim talking to officers.

“Somebody went through all our cars last night. They went through my wife’s Cadillac. They looked but nothing was taken,” the victim said.
However, the victim wasn’t as luck as he had a couple of guns stolen from his truck that was left unlocked.

According to police, the thieves stole two pistols from the man’s unlocked truck. He told police he always keeps his car locked, except on this particular night when he said he forgot.

Across town, it was the same story as officers responded to another unlocked car broken into and another handgun stolen.

Lt. Mike Foster of the SHPD says, “Generally speaking, people say, ‘I usually do this, but this is the one time I didn’t,’ and then that’s when the bad stuff happens. We just want to remind people to remove your firearms from your vehicle,” Lt. Mike Foster with the Spring Hill Police Department said. “Take them inside every night as part of your routine. Yeah, we never know where they end up. The worst case scenario, they get used in a crime, a homicide, sometimes they end up in pawnshops. A gun is something you never want stolen because you don’t know whose hands it might end up in.”