GRUNDY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s now been two years since Joshua Day’s four-wheeler was found in a field near the Marion-Grundy County border, and his case continues to stump law enforcement. 

“July the 24th is going to be two years since Joshua went missing and it has been a tough case to work. It’s almost like he just disappeared in thin air,” Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum said.

His mother said she doesn’t expect to find Josh alive. 

“It’s just so hard to know that his body’s out there somewhere, it’s just so disrespectful I feel like to me that I need some closure and I need him to be properly taken care of,” Cindy Day said.  

Josh’s four-wheeler was found in the Pyburn/Rockhouse area and investigators believe he was riding with other people before he went missing. 

His mom remembers talking to Josh before he left to go four-wheeling.  

“I said Josh are you going camping with your dad. He said no mom, I have to do this one thing. And I said but son, your dad really wants you to go camping with him, why aren’t you going to go? He said mom, I have this one thing I have to do. And I do not know what the one thing was, and that tears my heart out,” Cindy Day said.  

Cindy said her son struggled with drug use, but she knows deep down he had a good heart. She recalled taking Josh to the fair as a child with several foster children. She ended up not having enough money to cover the rides for all of them.  

“[Josh] said mom, it’s okay, I don’t have to ride the rides. These kids, they don’t have anything, they’ve never had anything. He said I’ve been to Dollywood, so it’s okay, I can skip the rides,” she said.  

Sheriff Shrum believes someone coming forward with the right tip could help investigators solve the case. 

“The location has been difficult, the evidence behind how he came up missing has been a little bit difficult to process. So we’re just depending on people to come out and say let me give you this piece of information and we’re going to run down that lead,” Shrum said. 

Cindy said she doesn’t want revenge and doesn’t have anger toward the person involved in her son’s disappearance, she simply wants to find him to have closure.

“I do know that God forgives people. And when they make mistakes, if you’ll confess it, that he’s going to forgive you. And I really believe that they could get some peace in their life if they would just come forward and say where my son’s body is,” Cindy Day said. 

The TBI has been brought in to help find Josh Day. They plan on releasing a brand new video about Josh’s case in the coming days, including an interview with his parents. 

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If you have any information, you can submit tips by calling 1800-TBI-FIND or by emailing